Are you settling for feeling better some of the time? You are meant to thrive but the stresses of life can wreak havoc on your body. Contact Hunt Spinal Care today to take the first step toward feeling better all of the time. Now is the time to get back to enjoying the activities of life!

We use gentle chiropractic adjustments that help restore both posture and spinal alignment to allow your body the best opportunity for self-healing. Without twisting, popping, or cracking, we help you get on the road to health!

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  • Ashley Lewis Avatar
    Ashley Lewis

    I can't say enough great things about this place! The staff is incredible! They're very organized, super friendly, and always a pleasure to talk with. Dr. Matt makes you feel so well cared for on multiple levels. He genuinely cares and takes the time to truly hear you to ensure he's providing the highest level of care. I walk around completely pain free and I have way more energy thanks to the all organic whole food vitamins he recommends and also sells on location. The vitamins have also help tremendously with brain fog I had been feeling. I truly feel blessed that I was referred to this place by a friend because of all the positive changes I've experienced. If you're on the fence about needing wellness chiropractor care absolutely give Hunt Spinal Care a chance, you won't regret it!

  • Jo Meister Avatar
    Jo Meister

    This is the place to go. Stop researching and just make the appointment. Be patient and let your body heal. It doesn't happen over night but it does happen. This type of adjustment is the best!

  • sapper dan Avatar
    sapper dan

    If you’ve been going to a traditional chiropractor for years, with only temporary relief, try Dr Hunt. Dr Hunt takes a full body and total health approach to wellness. I had a parachute accident in 2013, which has left me with excruciating lower back pain ever since. I’ve been receiving treatment at Hunt Spinal Care for just over a month, and that has changed my daily routine and ability to work 10 hours a day, relatively pain free. I highly recommend trying Dr Hunt if you aren’t happy with your current health, or even just for a seasonal checkup!

  • Mark Mercer Avatar
    Mark Mercer

    Dr Matt and his staff are caring and professional. Great benefit to the Broke Arrow community.

  • Trish Atkinson Avatar
    Trish Atkinson

    My daughters & I have been going to Hunt Spinal Care for several years, and it is always a positive experience. My daughters are active in competitive cheerleading. Sports are a great way to stay healthy, but they can take a toll on our bodies so chiropractic care keeps my girls feeling their best. Also, it has been great getting to know the staff, they are very friendly and always smiling and always happy to answer any questions. Highly recommend!

  • Phill Baxter Avatar
    Phill Baxter

    I have been to many chiropractors and I can say this place has been the best of them all. Dr. Hunt is fantastic with people and with his skills as a Chiropractor. I now have my sister going too and both of us have felt that our overall health has benefited vastly since working with Dr. Hunt.

  • Daniel Vail Avatar
    Daniel Vail

    I have been seeing Doctor Matt since I was involved in a motor vehicle accident. I had severe neck and back pain when I started coming in. I am now able to sleep and for the most part not have pain. It is a process that takes time but he is gentle and works to get your spine and skeletal system in proper order to support the body effectively without pain.

  • Taylor Herndon Avatar
    Taylor Herndon

    After just two adjustments, I was completely pain free. With Dr. Matt’s help, I have been a year pain free.

  • G Furr Avatar
    G Furr

    Dr. Matt Hunt listens to all I have to say about my issues and addresses them with confidence and success. When he believes another practice would enhance my progress he suggests that to collaborate with his efforts, ie., physical therapy or massage therapy, etc. Dr Hunt has a capable and friendly staff assisting him.

  • Laura Watson Avatar
    Laura Watson

    Has truly helped me eliminate pain and discomfort in my neck and shoulder area as well as correct my lower spin. Excellent care and service.

  • Chad Vanderipe Avatar
    Chad Vanderipe

    This is a great place to be helped!! Dr. Matt and his staff care about and treat patients with excellence. I have experienced amazing results and highly recommend Hunt Spinal Care!!

  • Michelle Akers Avatar
    Michelle Akers

    We have been taking the whole family to Dr. Hunt for over 2years now. We are very happy with our results!

  • John Wynhausen Avatar
    John Wynhausen

    Friendly and helpful staff, very competent, thorough and gentle chiropractor. I enjoy my time at this clinic, I feel good when I arrive and I feel even more up upon heading out.

  • Steve Paxton Avatar
    Steve Paxton

    Caring and encouraging staff that are there to serve. Dr. Hunt provides excellent chiropractic care with a gentle touch. Don't let a minor irritation become a big problem. Get true health care by seeing Dr. Hunt first!

  • D Hobbs Avatar
    D Hobbs

    Dr. Matt, Steve, Renee and Karen ,make an outstanding team. Dr. Matt reduced my pain on the very first visit. The amazing thing for me is that there is no "neck cracking/popping" involved. I actually hesitated seeing a Chiropractor for that reason.....I just wasn't comfortable with that particular treatment. Dr. Matt's approach and treatment are very gentle pressure, etc. It's just truly amazing how such a gentle approach to treatment makes such an astounding difference! I had been suffering with neck and shoulder pain for over three years, and nothing gave any relief (acupuncture, pain killers, hot/cold compresses, etc.). But, after just one visit to Hunt Spinal Care, I have had steady, impressive relieve. I rarely recommend anyone to someone else for any reason, but in this case, knowing how chronic pain can just wear down the body and spirit, I would more than highly recommend Dr. Matt.

  • Debbie Moon Avatar
    Debbie Moon

    The chiropractic therapy that Dr Hunt does has helped me more than anything. This is according to his evidenced-based testing, and the way I feel. It has reduced my need for anti-inflammatory and muscle relaxer medication. He and his staff are welcoming and caring. I highly recommend Dr Hunt for chiropractic care.

  • Beri Hunt Avatar
    Beri Hunt

    Although my last name is Hunt I am NOT related to Dr. Hunt. I initially contacted Dr. Hunt because of serious back spasms... so painful I could barely breathe or talk. I didn't mention at the time that I had recently lost my mother (stress) also had chronic neck pain due to old accidents and knee pain due to a hyper extension. After one treatment my back pain was better. But what I didn't expect was my neck to not hurt and of all knee didn't hurt. I have been going to Dr. Hunt for about a month now and have improved greatly. Best of all I haven't had to take pain meds in quite a while. I had been putting off visiting a Chiropractor and only did when I was in tremendous pain. I should have started with this treatment earlier!

  • Stacy Noel Avatar
    Stacy Noel

    Great team...comfortable atmosphere...excellent care...HIGHLY RECOMMEND a visit to Dr Matt!!

  • Shari Huff Avatar
    Shari Huff

    Hunt Spinal Care provides a warm, friendly and caring environment while addressing my alignment issues. Laser therapy has been very helpful for me as well. I love Hunt Spinal Care!

  • Steve Huff Avatar
    Steve Huff

    DR Matt is awesome! He always treats me like I am the most important person he as seen today!! His attitude and that of his staff's attitude is the best!!!

  • Debbie Knight Avatar
    Debbie Knight

    I have a pharmacist for 25 years. That's 25 years of standing, looking down at my work space and computer screen and talking on the phone to patients while cradling a phone receiver on my shoulder. I used to suffer days or weeks at a time with pain, muscle spasms and stiffness in my neck. Dr Hunt has helped me tremendously. While I still get the spasms, with proper alignment those spasms now resolve themselves. Besides the adjustments he provides, he also educates and advised you on other aspects of your health and wellness so your body can function at it's best. His staff is warm and caring and very accommodating to your scheduling needs. I am so blessed to have found this clinic!

  • Joel Wiland Avatar
    Joel Wiland

    Dr Matt has been treating my family for years. The genuine passion he has for his patients shows through every aspect from the moment you walk in his door to follow up after you walk out.

  • Sara Pancoast Avatar
    Sara Pancoast

    Dr. Hunt is knowledgeable and very gentle. He cares greatly about patient comfort.

  • Stacy Walk Avatar
    Stacy Walk

    Dr. Hunt is doing things for my son we didn't know were possible. Since Birth my son has struggled with RSV, Pneumonia, Asthma, Chronic ear infections and all things related. My husband and I were taking off work every month because of how sick he would get. He was on a 2 x daily allergy medication, 3 x a day albuterol treatments. He has had surgery to remove his adenoids and tubes placed in his ear. After the right tube fell out and the ear infections came back, We learned about Dr. Hunt. My son has been to 4 visits and we have been able to take him off his allergy medication, he no longer complains of his right ear hurting and as an added bonus his balance is much better than before! We look forward to seeing how continued care with Dr. Hunt will improve our son's overall health!

  • Carol Jackson Avatar
    Carol Jackson

    From the time we made the phone call I felt assured that I was going to be in the best of care; sure enough I am. The office staff is very helpful & friendly and concerned about your well-being. Dr. Hunt is amazing! I had my first treatment today & I can already feel the difference, My son & I are looking forward to receiving the best of care.

  • J Lloyd Avatar
    J Lloyd

    Great people and great chiropractic care!

  • Claudia J. Peoples Avatar
    Claudia J. Peoples

    I have been personally visited, awesome and friendly. I would must say Dr, Matt is good

  • Johnathan Hines Avatar
    Johnathan Hines

    My first impression of the office was that I loved the friendly, informative doctors and staff. I loved the clean, spacious office area and the private rooms. I have recommended Hunt Spinal Care to many of my family members and co-workers. I say ' just make one visit and you'll know what I'm talking about!'Thanks


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