4 Modern Ways to Reduce Stress

4 Modern Ways to Reduce StressThe pressures of modern-day life call for innovative solutions, and here are 3 effective ones you can start using right away. These are not the typical stress-relieving techniques like “get more rest,” “organize your life,” or “find time for yourself” (which are all important, of course); these are fresh ideas to help you cope with the everyday stressors that we all face.

1. Take a Social Media Break

The prevalence of social media has become increasingly influential in the lives of many, with day-to-day usage. While there is no denying the advantages of staying connected with people, studies have shown that those with solid social relationships tend to be healthier than those without. Social media can enhance a relationship, but only if it is coupled with time spent developing the relationship in person without the distraction of social media.

The downside to social media is that it creates an environment in which we tend to compare our lives with only what is shown of other peoples’ lives, which has been linked to heightened levels of anxiety, depression, and the need to constantly be in the know. Also, the presence of “likes,” “loves,” and comments can lead to stressful situations where one is always being judged and has to do the same.  Limit your time on social media and instead, focus on developing and enjoying time with your friends.

2. Spend Some Time Outside

Between our demanding jobs and the time we spend with technology, many of us don’t get out into nature enough, and it’s taking a toll on our stress levels. After a long workday, a few hours in front of the television, and before you know it, the day has come and gone without ever setting foot outdoors. So, it’s time to reduce stress by getting outside more. Take a few moments to breathe in the fresh air, look around you, listen to the birds, and bask in the warm sunlight on your face. You’ll feel better, right?

And let’s not forget the power of sunlight – the largest source of vitamin D available to us every day. Studies have shown that inadequate vitamin D intake, especially during the winter months when people don’t get much sunlight due to the weather and shorter daylight hours, can result in depression and stress. Sunlight is a natural form of red light therapy.  Don’t overdo it, but take some time to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors!

3. Schedule Activities You Enjoy

Have you been caught in the same routine of doing only the things that drain you? If you answered yes, then it’s time to give yourself permission to plan for some enjoyment. Scheduling activities that you enjoy can do wonders for your stress levels and overall wellbeing.

Make a list of the activities that you enjoy and give you a great sense of satisfaction.  Everyone is different, so make sure the activities actually fill and energize you.  It might be scheduling some me time or time to volunteer or working on projects that you enjoy.  It might be a night out with your special someone, taking a few days off to do something different, or going on a vacation. Even if you don’t have a lot of time to spare, you will benefit greatly from scheduling in time to do the activities that can help reduce stress and energize you.

4. Chiropractic Care

Nerve interference is often the source of the aches and pains your body feels.  Nerve interference can also put part or all of your body in a constant fight or flight mode, not allowing your body to rest and digest properly.  In both cases, a lot unnecessary stress is added to your life, which not only affects you, but everyone around you.

Chiropractic care is focused on finding the source of the nerve interference and releasing the interference, so your body can heal, rest and digest properly, and lower the stress levels in your life. When you are feeling better, you can handle the other stresses in your life better.  You and everyone around you will benefit.

Why Choose Hunt Spinal Care?

If there is nerve interference in your body, the first 3 ways to reduce stress listed above will not be nearly as effective.  We use a gentle approach to chiropractic care that better addresses the source of the problem and provides powerful results.  Don’t ever forget that your body is astoundingly capable of restoring itself to health and wellbeing. When was the last time you had your nervous system checked for interference?

Now is the time to incorporate chiropractic care into your stress reduction plan, contact Hunt Spinal Care today for more information and a consultation!

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