Can Chiropractic Adjustments Help Someone with Meniere’s Disease?

What comes to mind when you think about chiropractic care? For many, the first thought revolves around treating back and neck pain. Others may think of realigning the spine or even general wellness. The truth is that chiropractic adjustments can mean more than just “snap, crackle, pop!”

Indeed, chiropractors do a lot to help people with a variety of goals varying from pain reduction to general maintenance. The nervous system runs down the spine and out into other areas of the body. If the nervous system interferes, the spine cannot function optimally. The nervous system controls everything in the body, so it must be in tip-top shape. Many studies have found that those who have Meniere’s Disease can benefit from regular chiropractic care.

What is Meniere’s Disease?  

Those who experience Meniere’s Disease know that an exact cause has not been yet identified. This disease, which affects the inner ear, may be caused by an abnormal amount of endolymph within the ear. The inner ear is the center for hearing and balance and can affect many day-to-day functions of a person’s life.

People with Meniere’s Disease may experience vertigo, hearing problems, and a ringing sensation within the ears. Most of the time, Meniere’s Disease only affects one ear and is the most common amongst patients in their 40s and 50s. Despite being a chronic disease, there are many ways to alleviate symptoms. Thankfully, with proper diagnosis and treatment, many patients can go into remission within a few years of the onset diagnosis.

What are the symptoms of Meniere’s Disease?  

Meniere’s Disease can present itself through various symptoms, including multiple episodes and attacks. These may include:

  • Loss of hearing in the affected ear
  • Ringing of the affected ear, also known as tinnitus
  • Moments of vertigo that can last between a few minutes and 24 hours
  • Excessive sweating, vomiting, or nausea caused by the vertigo
  • Frequent headaches
  • A loss of balance
  • A feeling that the affected ear is plugged, also known as aural fullness

How can a chiropractor help with Meniere’s Disease?  

Although several treatments are suggested for Meniere’s Disease, one of the most effective has been caring for a person’s nervous system. When this is done through chiropractic care, evidence shows that many patients experience a reduction of symptoms. Chiropractic care, various therapies, dietary specifications, modern devices, and prescribed medications can significantly improve the daily life of those dealing with Meniere’s Disease. When maintenance is proactive, for example, with chiropractic adjustments, there is a potential to alleviate various symptoms associated with Meniere’s Disease.

Chiropractic adjustments often focus on removing any interference within the nervous system. When nerves are experiencing interference, the body cannot communicate with itself and consequently heal correctly. Since Meniere’s Disease can throw off the nerves that control one’s balance, posture, and coordination, improving communication within the nervous system is essential. A qualified chiropractor can adequately restore the nervous system flow and allow symptoms to be alleviated.

Meniere’s Disease can often cause the inner ear to be filled with fluid built up over time. When the inner ear fills with fluid, the delicate hair cells can be affected, causing signals that flow from the ear to the brain to be compromised. Chiropractic adjustments can allow for the restoration of the muscular and fascial systems. When these systems are adjusted, tension within the body decreases, and the body can move better. This, in turn, can impact the dizziness and vertigo that many people experience. Upon adjustment, the muscular and fascial systems can return to a more normal state.

How can Hunt Spinal Care help?  

The team at Hunt Spinal Care is committed to providing quality care with the highest integrity. If you have Meniere’s Disease (or have similar symptoms), you can rely on the experienced chiropractors at our office to help you navigate your journey. With a trusted, gentle hands-on approach, we can help patients minimize their Meniere’s Disease while crafting a wellness plan.

You do not have to live your life debilitated by the effects of Meniere’s Disease! Contact us online today or call us at (918) 459-0333 to learn more about how we can help you with your Meniere’s Disease diagnosis. We want you to enjoy life to the fullest and not just survive but rather thrive!

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