Chiropractic Care & Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Care & Sports Injuries

Athletes are well known for working their bodies harder than the average person to exceed in the sports they love. Unfortunately, their arduous and admirable dedication presents unpredictable high injury risks regardless of skill level.

Hunt Spinal Care has experienced chiropractors that help athletes recover from sports-related injuries. We treat the source of any pain with a personalized rehabilitation program designed to heal and strengthen your entire body.


Common Sports Injuries

Athletic training or playing a sport can cause multiple types of injury to an athlete, regardless of their experience. Impacts, repetitive motion, improper form, overstretching, under stretching, and more can all cause an injury.

Thankfully, the team at Hunt Spinal Care can treat a variety of sports-related injuries when they occur, such as:

  • Back pain
  • Herniated discs
  • Inflammation
  • Joint injuries
  • Knee injuries
  • Neck pain
  • Irritated nerves
  • Pulled muscles
  • Shin splints
  • Spasms
  • Sprains
  • Strains

If you are an athlete, it is important not to underestimate any pain or discomfort you might be feeling and seek immediate treatment. Regardless of an injury’s starting level, minor discomfort can quickly turn into a significant problem without proper consultation. Untreated injuries have high odds of improperly healing and causing chronic pain in multiple parts of the body for an extended period.


How Does Chiropractic Care Treat Sports Injuries?

At Hunt Spinal Care, we offer multiple non-invasive methods to cure sport-related injuries and safely get athletes back to the field. Chiropractic adjustments, massages, and physical therapy are the best recovery methods our experienced staff have to offer.

Chiropractic adjustments help alleviate pain, soreness, and aches, as well as realign vertebrae and eliminate tension in your body from sports injuries. Our alignments are also successful in decreasing inflammation, improving athletic performance, optimizing the nervous system, and curing problems related to blood pressure such as fatigue, nausea, dizziness, anxiety, and weight loss.

Massage therapy is often also a successful practice to relieve stiff muscles, improve blood flow, ease pain, and accelerate recovery. Combining chiropractic adjustment, massages, and physical therapy is the most efficient treatment option for athletes to strengthen their bodies and safely recover.


Sports Injury Prevention

Our chiropractic services are used for both the prevention and recovery of sports-related injuries. Even though most athletic injuries are unpredictable, we recommend following these rules to avoid complications and injuries that are more extensive than expected:

  • Do not exercise through pain – Working out should not feel painful but can be challenging. It most probably means you are holding the wrong form or are already injured if you are experiencing pain. Working out through pain can worsen an injury and make it more aggravated.
  • Exercise for your level – If you have no previous experience practicing a sport, do not be ashamed of starting slow. With steady starting routine, you will prevent overexertion and can focus on maintaining proper form and weight loads.
  • Train properly – We recommend consulting a professional on the sport or activity you are trying to learn. With sports, sometimes form is overlooked; however, it is a significant cause of injuries when it is not taken seriously. Without quality, there are no results.
  • Do not overwork your muscles – Instead, vary your workouts through the week. Exercising the same group of muscles will only tear them down. The best way to make your muscles stronger is to let them rest.

Why Choose Hunt Spinal Care?

If you are suffering from a sports-related injury and would like help on the path to recovery? We are here for you! Our chiropractors will evaluate your needs and develop a treatment plan based on your sport and condition so that you can heal naturally and get back onto the field or in the gym as soon as possible. Contact Hunt Spinal Care or call us at (918) 459-0333 to schedule a consultation for more information on how we can help with sports-related injuries.

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