Did you know that back pain is the leading cause of disability worldwide?

Therefore, it is vital to know how to get relief from your back pain and also know what to do to minimize the chance of the pain coming back.  Pain is usually the last indicator of a problem that has been going on for a long period of time. Have you ever made a slight movement or bent over to pick something small off the floor and then have severe pain that debilitates you? Regular chiropractic care might have kept it from happening, but it is not too late to start care now.

Sciatica is a nerve pain that radiates down your hip, the back of your leg, and sometimes all the way down to your feet. Symptoms include mild to severe tingling or burning pain, numbness, and/or muscle weakness. Sciatica may be associated with nerve interference in the low back and/or a muscle in your hip putting pressure on the sciatic nerve.

While back, hip, and sciatic pain are common, the pain is not normal and is often the result of unbalanced muscle tension. Over time, your posture breaks down and causes unbalanced muscle tension that pulls on your spine and nerves. Our gentle approach to chiropractic care seeks to restore your posture and balance muscle tension to free the nervous system to heal your body.

As appropriate, we will provide exercises and stretches to help strengthen your core and maintain your posture.

Some other preventative measures are to wear comfortable, low-heeled shoes and sleep on a supportive mattress to minimize any curvature in your spine. It is always good to remember to lift with your legs, keeping your spine in a neutral position. Do not twist when lifting and keep objects close to your body.

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Exercises that are safe for your low back

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