How Can You Relieve Text Neck Pain?

The average American spends up to 12 hours a day staring at a screen for work, school, or entertainment. Although screens have become essential since pandemic regulations were implemented, all the benefits we get from them make us overlook the side effects that could be permanent on our bodies. This article explores the concept and the causes of “text neck” and provides the best solutions for dealing with it.

What is Text Neck?

Text neck pain, medically known as a forward head posture injury, is an incorrect posture linked to various health problems and unnecessary pain. Experts believe it occurs as a direct response to phone overuse. This injury also develops when the person maintains a leaning forward posture on activities like watching tv, using electronic devices, reading, or writing.

Due to the pandemic restrictions we undertook worldwide, more people than ever suffer from text neck pain. The lack of activities due to the pandemic leads us to overuse devices for either entertainment or work, which directly impacts the development of this pain. The abnormal posture affects the curvature of the cervical spine, neck and shoulder muscles, and supporting ligaments. When the head tilts forward, the force of the neck doubles per inch, so it’s like carrying a small child around your neck for multiple hours in a row.

How Do You Treat Text Neck Pain?

Text neck pain can either be treated at home or with the help of a professional. Even though at-home treatment has been successful for those who have an active life, it is recommended that those who suffer from intense pain and are required to look at electronic devices during their day-to-day activities seek treatment from an expert chiropractor.

The Journal of Chiropractic Medicine released a study that found that the best treatments for text neck pain involve spinal manipulation therapy, rehabilitative exercise, and head weight devices that strengthen the neck over time. This therapy decreases text neck pain up to 56% after eight weeks.

Exercising is also fundamental for both at home and professional treatment. Exercises such as swimming, yoga, running, Pilates, and aerobics are proven to strengthen the upper back and neck muscles that support the head. Furthermore, maintaining an active lifestyle is recommended to avoid abnormal postures that could cause long-term pain.

Avoiding the behaviors that first caused the pain is fundamental to start noticing improvement. It is not necessary to quit your remote job or throw away your devices, instead implement changes in your living area that will encourage you to hold a good posture. Multiple options in the market offer solutions to lift your screen or maintain your posture. Correcting these practices will not only protect your neck but will also decrease eye strain.

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