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Good posture and bad posture, woman's body silhouette and backboneGrowing up, you probably were tired of hearing the same thing repeatedly, “fix your posture” or “stand up straight.” Unfortunately, most of us ignored these suggestions thinking it was unnecessary and uncomfortable only to grow up and experience the consequences of bad posture.

If you have been holding a bad posture, you more than likely suffer from pain, discomfort, and joint issues. The consequences of bad posture can increase over time and lower your quality of life. Please do not wait until it gets worse; follow our tips to start improving your posture.

The Importance of Good Posture

Good posture refers to holding your body straight against gravity. It helps place the least amount of strain on your muscles and ligaments when standing, walking, sitting, or resting. A strong posture decreases the risk of abnormal wear on joint surfaces, reduces stress, and minimizes the risk of injury, fatigue, and strain.

Poor posture leads to imbalance, soreness, and misalignments that increase the risk of injuries and pain. Common poor posture indicators include hunching, holding your head downwards, sitting with your knees higher than your hips, standing or sitting with your weight on one side, etc.

Although poor posture is often related to laziness, other factors that can cause poor posture are:

  • Improper footwear
  • Obesity
  • Pregnancy
  • Stiff or tight muscles
  • Stress
  • Using electronic devices
  • Sitting for extended periods

How Can Chiropractic Care Help Improve Posture?

Hunt spinal care can help you correct postural issues such as slouching, hunched back, abnormal curvatures in the spine, unlevel pelvis or hips, forward head posture, or any other misalignments in your joints or spine.

Once you arrive at our office, we will conduct a thorough assessment for any restrictions, misalignments, or dysfunctions in your spine and joints. Any postural imbalances that may be impacting your body will be found and adjusted to restore mobility and range of motion.

After any interference and misalignments are corrected, we will recommend ways to start maintaining and improving a proper posture. We often encourage our patients to schedule regular adjustments and exercise regularly to avoid future misalignments.

Can I Improve My Posture at Home?

Although we strongly recommend a treatment plan with a chiropractor for misalignments and other issues that worsen your posture, there are numerous ways you can improve your posture at home. After adjustments are made, we ask our patients to follow a routine of stretches and exercise to strengthen core postural muscles.

The best way to improve your posture is by being aware of how you hold yourself, identifying any poor posture habits, and working on correcting them. This takes time and effort but will significantly eliminate any posture issues and improve your quality of life. Some ways you can improve your posture during daily activities are:

Posture Improvements While Sitting

  • If you are sitting for prolonged periods, avoid staying in the same position and take multiple breaks to stretch and move around.
  • Ensure your lower and mid-back have enough support. You can use a pillow for back support.
  • Keep your feet level to the ground or in a footrest.
  • Avoid hutching forward and putting your weight on just one side.

Posture Improvements While Standing

  • If you are on your feet for extended periods, remember to switch your weight constantly.
  • Bear your weight on the balls of your feet.
  • Relax your shoulders.
  • Stand with your knees slightly bent and with your legs shoulder-width apart.

Posture Improvements While Lying Down

  • Avoid sleeping in your stomach.
  • Make sure your mattress firmness and pillow are ideal for keeping your neck and spine aligned.
  • Use pillows as support for your legs and back. If you sleep on your side, place support between your legs, and if you sleep on your back, place support underneath your knees.

Once your posture is adjusted and corrected, it is crucial to maintain it by knowing how you hold your body throughout the day. Maintaining good posture will help ensure that any progress is not lost – often resulting in quick changes back into poor habits. We are here to help on your journey to living a healthy life, including your posture.

How Can Hunt Spinal Care Help Improve Posture?

At Hunt Spinal Care, we offer a gentle hands-on approach to chiropractic care and have helped countless patients regain control of their health. If you have struggled to give your body the total support it needs through chiropractic care and nutrition, contact us online today or call us at (918) 459-0333 to learn more about how we can help you. Don’t just survive; thrive. We want you to enjoy life to the fullest!

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