Neurofeedback is a scientifically-proven process designed to train your brain toward improved performance. We employ cutting-edge EEG equipment, advanced computer programs and an enormous neurological database to create comprehensive brain mappings and training plans that address the unique needs of each individual client.

Traditional cognitive therapies only guess at what is going on inside your mind, while Neurofeedback relies on the latest advances in neuroscience to discover precisely what is happening in your brain that is affecting your mood and behavior. Using the latest theories and technology, we have the ability to produce hundreds of useful metrics about your brain’s performance, and create a resulting plan of action based on what we have discovered.

Assessment Process

Every Neurofeedback treatment starts with the assessment process, where we establish exactly what is going on inside your brain that is shaping your mood and behavior.

We compare your EEG results with our enormous neurological database of brain mappings to help us locate areas featuring abnormal activity. Your resulting treatment plan will be based in part on the results of this comparative EEG process using healthy brain activity patterns given your age, family history and clinical history.

Your Neurofeedback treatment program is based on these comparative EEG results; your emotional, behavioral and psychological symptoms; and our knowledge of known neurological deviations in activity based on the existing scientific literature.

Brain Training

Your treatment program will be based on the idea of ‘brain training’, which is a subconscious effort to perform a given set of actions that will help to ‘rewire’ your brain and lead to more positive outcomes in terms of your mood and behavior.

Fortunately this is actually a very simple and straightforward process. Your brain is already under-going a process of constant self-regulation, and all you are doing is taking more control of what is happening in your brain to help guide it toward more positive neurological outcomes.

The essential step you need to take during brain training is to simply relax. The most productive training sessions take place when you can achieve a state of relaxation and stillness. We call this the AARF state: Alert, Awake, Relaxed and in Focus. Achieving and maintaining this state is a key exercise that we will help you develop, a process that we call being ‘actively passive’.

You probably will not feel much difference in this state, since you cannot directly control your feedback through a change in thought process. However, over time you will start to notice subtle changes in how you think and how your brain performs as the benefits of this training exercise imprint themselves on your brain. All that you need to do is let the subtle shifts take hold and enjoy the process of your brain learning on its own what it needs to operate at a more efficient and effective level.

Treatable Conditions

The Neurofeedback process can address a huge range of neurological issues, many of which have no effective alternate treatments.


Probably the most common condition that Neurofeedback is used for is adjusting behavior. Whether it is unruly children or breaking old habits, the Neurofeedback process allows our practice members to alter their instinctual responses and behavior for the better.

Neurofeedback is effective in treating adults and children with ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Many people are looking for an ADHD treatment that does not rely on harmful medications. Unlike medical treatments for ADHD, which only mask the underlying neurological issues, Neurofeedback works by retraining the practice member’s brain to reduce or even eliminate ADHD symptoms and causes.

The healthier brain patterns established through Neurofeedback lead to an increase in the capacity for maintaining focus and self-control. Furthermore, Neurofeedback helps to address the poor sleep patterns, anxiety, learning disabilities and vision problems that are associated with causing ADHD in the first place.

When treating practice members with ADHD, we recognize that each individual is unique and requires a treatment plan based on their personal symptoms and existing brain activity.

Stress and Anxiety
Stress and anxiety often go hand-in-hand, leading to sufferers feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. Neurofeedback addresses these problems by retraining how your brain responds to stressful and anxiety-inducing stimuli. By helping people to learn to calm themselves through Neurofeedback, we arm our practice members with by far the most effective tool for dealing with these problems.

Neurofeedback has been proven to be the fastest and most effective means for teaching people how to help themselves in stressful situations. In addition, developing these skills can help to reduce the reliance on medications and develop a huge range of associated behaviors that will improve your life and general sense of well-being.

Depression robs people of all joy in life and can often leave them a veritable shell of their former selves. Loneliness, despair, sadness and even suicidal thoughts are usual symptoms of depression. Traditionally depression has been treated with a combination of both medication and therapy. However, the success rate of traditional depression treatment is limited, and medication often has negative side effects.

Neurofeedback helps people with their depression by giving them a renewed sense of control over their lives through starting at our most basic unit of mental health: control over our own thought process. Neurofeedback allows people to improve their lives day by day, which helps them to regain a sense of purpose and meaning and roll back the negative symptoms of depression.

Insomnia and Other Sleep Disorders
One of the first clues that our body shows when there is a mental, physical or emotional problem is a disrupted sleep pattern. This often means getting too little sleep or not achieving a proper restful state when sleeping, but it can also mean sleeping too much or that you sleep all day and are stuck awake throughout the night.

Whatever the ultimate nature of your sleep problem, nothing is more essential to leading a happy and productive life. Proper rest means feeling more emotionally stable, having an increased attention span, better focus and mental clarity and a better capacity for decision making.

This is why we focus so heavily on ensuring proper sleep patterns when performing Neurofeedback treatment.

More than 40 million Americans suffer from some form of chronic and long-term sleep disorder, with another 20 million experiencing occasional sleep issues. Many turn to alcohol or prescription medication to help them sleep more regularly. The resulting impact on our work, health, and relationships is immeasurable.

Neurofeedback is a powerful method for helping people to go to sleep at the right time, stay asleep long enough to be properly rested and get out of bed ready to face a new day every time. More than 3,000 licensed health professionals, such as therapists, psychologists and doctors, now rely on brain training to aid clients with sleep problems. These professionals have noted that Neurofeedback has a very high success rate with a range of different clients and sleep complications.

Mental Performance
Focus, concentration and emotional control are critical to the achievement of an optimal level of performance in any field. Everyone from corporate executives to professional athletes are relying on Neurofeedback technology to maximize their full mental and physical potential and perform at their absolute peak.

Are you currently a peak performer in your profession or field? Or perhaps you want to be?

If you are looking to optimize your learning ability, memory, verbal ability and concentration, then you will want to use Neurofeedback for ensuring peak cognitive performance. We can provide you with the edge that you need for maximizing your potential. Whether you are looking to stay at the top of your game or want that edge to help you get there, we have what you need to achieve at the highest possible level.

As a result of new discoveries in neuroplasticity, we know that your brain function can always be improved. We can focus in on certain key mental functions that have virtually no upper limit: memory, fine motor control and intelligence are just a few of the examples of areas of your mental performance that Neurofeedback can improve.

Successful Neurofeedback Treatment

Successful Neurofeedback treatment means a better overall sense of well-being, a lowering or elimination of reliance on medications and a noticeable increase in every area of mental performance. Whether you have a specific medical issue that needs to be addressed or just want to improve your general cognitive performance, we have the right Neurofeedback treatment for your unique needs.

Don’t wait another day. Contact us today to learn more about how Neurofeedback can rapidly transform your life for the better.

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