Our Back To School Tips

Going back to school is an exciting yet terrifying experience. The way a student feels during this time directly impacts how they learn and interact with others. If you are a student or a teacher, you know how sitting in a class all day and later hunching over a computer to do homework can put a strain on your body. Just like you, we know how limiting this can be to your experience, so here are some chiropractic tips to prevent or alleviate the pain, so you can focus on what matters, you.


Our Back To School Tips

A Closer Look at School-Related Back Pain

We often get back pain complaints from adults, affected by their office life. However, in recent years the pain has gained popularity among children and teenagers. Sadly, this problem arises from the emergence of heavy backpacks and countless hours staring at computers and hand-held devices during the school year.

Our chiropractic specialists understand how irritating back pain can get, especially during your formative years when you are trying to learn, meet others, and find what you like. That is why we have created a list with tips on how to avoid this pain.


Wear Your Backpack the Right Way

Incorrectly wearing a backpack can add disproportional weight to your shoulders and affect your spine. Though sometimes it is inevitable to have heavy items in your bag, there is still a chance to avoid future pains by wearing it correctly. Patients that come to us with upper shoulder pain, low back pain, neck pain, and even headaches often wear their backpacks improperly or simply have them too full.

It is recommendable to purchase a padded backpack to help prevent the weight from digging into pressure points. Wearing both backpack straps on your shoulders helps distribute the weight on your body evenly and prevents muscle fatigue. If you can, find a backpack with a waist strap to reduce the chance of back pain.


Adjust Your Posture

The increasing use of technology has directly impacted our posture. Every day, more patients come to us complaining about wrist pain, shoulder pain, and neck pain. Though sometimes the use of devices is inevitable for school and work, we recommend limiting their use whenever possible.

Bending your neck forwards is like adding 10 pounds to your neck. When using technology, it is best to take breaks to stretch your body and correct your posture. We also recommend lifting mobile devices and computers to your eye level. Thankfully, there are multiple products on the market that help with lifting devices and fixing your posture.


Keep an Active Lifestyle

Keeping a good posture and avoiding joint strain are just a couple of the significant advantages of maintaining an active lifestyle. Exercising is excellent for recompensating our bodies for the long hours we spend on desks and our devices. It is also important to always stretch your body to improve range of motion and healing. Just as we stretch before engaging in physical activity, make sure to set up a time to stretch in between schoolwork.


Sleep Better

The recommended amount of sleep hours we should get varies per age. Following these recommendations will help your body achieve the necessary rest time it needs to heal and repair. Getting a consistent night of sleep will not only help with the pain, but will also lower stress levels, ease chronic inflammation, and allow your body to rejuvenate.

To increase the quality of your sleep, we recommend avoiding exercise, caffeine, and electronics at least an hour before getting in bed. Setting your environment for a calming night also helps your body get better rest.


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