Clinical Nutritionist Tulsa, OK

Tulsa Chiropractor & Nutritionist Services

We strive to have the best care for our patients. We are able to meet the needs of most of our patient’s nutritional needs with dietary and nutritional supplement suggestions in our office. There are occasions when our patients need an expert; when that time occurs we have partnered with Society of Wellness and Jennifer Franco. Society of Wellness is a nutrition consulting company which implements nutritional systems in doctors’ offices around the country.  The style of nutrition taught is one that begins with a whole food philosophy that works synergistically with chiropractic. S.O.W. currently supports thousands of chiropractic patients at over 70 offices across the nation, adhering to the belief, that the body is self healing and self regulating given that it is free of nerve interference and properly fed. 

As a clinical nutritionist, Jennifer conducts Nutritional Consultations with our clients from her Southern California offices.  The purpose of a nutritional exam is to evaluate the functional health of clients and determine their specific needs to further support their personal wellness goals.  Jennifer has an educational background in Kinesiology and is certified in clinical nutrition as well as an AFAA certified personal trainer. 

Jennifer continuously strives to practice and maintain a true wellness lifestyle.  As a sports enthusiast, she enjoys everything from professional team sports to her own personal athletic ambitions such as snowboarding, surfing, hiking and completing her first marathon in 2008.  She maintains a healthy lifestyle by maintaining physical fitness, a positive mental attitude, whole food nutrition and receives regular chiropractic care!