Should You Live an Active Lifestyle or Exercise?

Should You Live an Active Lifestyle or Exercise?Living a long, healthy life is something we all strive for, and exercise is a key component of that plan. But many people think exercise means signing up for a gym membership and dedicating an hour every day to working out.

While that can definitely be part of the plan, it isn’t the only way to stay active and reach your goals. In this article, we’ll be exploring the differences between physical activity and exercise and why they’re both essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Exercise: Why Is It Important?

Exercise is a planned, structured, and repetitive physical activity aimed at conditioning parts of the body. It’s essentially a purposeful activity to strengthen the body and increase its endurance. There are three types of exercise – cardiovascular exercise, resistance training, and stretching – and all of them are important for fitness. Most experts agree that dedicating at least 20 minutes to exercising five days a week is necessary for maintaining an active lifestyle.

Exploring the Role of Physical Activity

Physical activity is any kind of bodily movement that requires energy expenditure. This includes activities like taking out the garbage, walking to the mailbox, vacuuming, washing your car, folding clothes, and even giving your child a bath.

Physical activity is just as important as exercise, as it helps keep your body functioning as it should. Humans were not designed to stay seated for extended periods of time, and sitting for hours on end can have harmful effects on our metabolism and increase our risk of developing diseases.

How Can I Start Moving More?

The takeaway here is that an active lifestyle is essential for health and longevity. Make sure to dedicate time to regular exercise, but don’t forget to stay active and move throughout your day. Every little bit counts! Here are some simple ideas to help you stay active and incorporate more physical activity into your lifestyle:

  • Walk or pace while talking on the phone
  • Do crunches during commercial breaks when watching TV
  • Park farther away from the store or mall
  • Opt for the walk-in option instead of the drive-thru at the bank or pharmacy
  • Wash your car yourself
  • Play Frisbee or catch with your child or dog
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator
  • Walk your dog or your neighbor’s dog
  • Work in a garden or community park

What Are The Benefits of Chiropractic Care With Physical Activity?

If your posture is poor and your spine not aligned, then your nervous system may not be function at its best and may lead to discomfort during your physical activities.  The breakdown of your body, your structure, leads to dysfunction.  At Hunt Spinal Care, we focus on freeing up your nervous system by improving your posture, which can help you move better and enjoy your activities more.

Why Choose Hunt Spinal Care?

With a gentle approach, no popping, twisting, or cracking, we get powerful results.  When was the last time you had your nervous system checked for interference and dysfunction?  Don’t wait until you feel discomfort or pain to get your body aligned.  To get started on the right foot with your physical activities, contact Hunt Spinal Care today for more information and a consultation!


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