Success Stories

Below are some of the many Success Stories of patients who found relief of one or more of these conditions after visiting Hunt Spinal Care.

  • Leg Cramps
  • Neck Pain
  • Low Back Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Jaw Pain
  • Headaches
  • Migraines
  • Sleeping Issues
  • Infant Distress
  • Allergies
  • Knee Pain
  • Shoulder Pain
  • TMJ Pain
  • Sciatica Pain
  • Neuropathy

  • Gail (Broken Arrow)

    Knee and Shoulder, Pain Free! I have been under chiropractic care for 23 years. Twenty of those years I was under NUCCA care. I tried other kinds of treatments because I never had complete relief of pain in my shoulder.

    I originally went to see Dr. Matt with weakness and pain in my right knee. When he took my NUCCA films he noticed my adjustment was going to be different. The reason for this is “my head is not on straight.” Most people have to be zero over zero. If Dr. Matt would do that to me I would have a pain in my right shoulder.

    Now I have no pain in my knee or my shoulder.

    Thanks Dr. Matt

  • Dr. Steve Greene
    Dean, School of Business, Oral Roberts University

    Improves Ptosis — An Eye Opening Experience!!! My friends noticed one of my eyelids seemed to be drooping. My eye doctor said it was Ptosis.
    He recommended surgery. It got so bad I could barely see out of one of my eyes.

    At about the same point in time, several friends of mine were telling me that chiropractic care should be a mainstay in my life. I listened with one ear and remembered a bad experience I had 20 years ago. I heard the snap-crackle-pop and saw stars! I was done with that!

    I believe I was lead to Dr. Hunt. When I met him I didn’t know about NUCCA and was very nervous. I was too scared to lie down on the table. He told me I wouldn’t feel a thing but I had heard that before!

    After just a few visits with Dr. Matt, I noticed my eyelid opening. I couldn’t believe it. It just didn’t seem logical to me. How could a spine adjustment affect my eyelids? I may not understand the how but I sure understand how chiropractic care has helped me.

    I’ve been with Dr. Matt over 6 months now and can’t imagine life without his care, compassion and gentle adjustments. His expertise saved me from an expensive, needless surgery and I can see

    Hunt Spinal Care added quality to my life.

  • Jean D. (Broken Arrow)

    Neck, Low Back and Hip Pain Relief! I started at Hunt Spinal Care because of my neck pain, low back pain and major hip aches. I had degenerative disc disease and calcification in both hip joints. I had been suffering for a long time. The symptoms had worsened over the year before coming to see Dr. Hunt. The pains had a negative affect on my general sense of well-being and had caused some restriction of activity/exercise for some years.

    I went to the medical doctor, did physical therapy, and used both ibuprofen and muscle relaxants to relieve the pain. Since starting with Dr. Hunt I have much less discomfort and pain, use less medication, and have more positive energy.

    I may not understand how it works, but I do know how much improvement I have experienced. I don’t want to “go back” to how I felt before so I’ll keep up with adjustment on maintenance.

    PS “Karen is great too!”

  • M. Teague (Dallas)

    Pain Relief!! I would like to thank you for your help this past April when I was bucked off a horse. I ended up not having one broken bone, which was a miracle! I felt like I had been in a Car accident for about 3 weeks after.

    However, because I live in Dallas, the car ride home would not have been the same had I not been adjusted so well before I left. Thank the Lord that I had a friend to drive me! And thank Him also that you and your office made an extra ordinary effort by coming in for an “emergency” adjustment.

    I immediately felt better as soon as I got up from the table! With your help my healing began much sooner. I can’t imagine anyone not getting adjusted, especially after an accident. NUCCA is the only way my family and I will ever be adjusted!

    My husband and my 3 girls (12, 10, and 7) are thankful to you as well for helping me while I was away from them. My husband was so thankful you could get me in so I could come home, and not be in so much pain during the five hour car ride. I know I healed so much faster and better because of your efforts!

    Thanks again

  • Philip G. (Glenpool)

    Migraine Relief! I had been suffering from migraines eighteen years and had been really bad for the two weeks prior to visiting Hunt Spinal Care. I couldn’t function at all; I had loss of vision, slurred speech and unbearable pain.

    I visited the medical doctor, tried over the counter medications and prescription drugs at the doctor’s recommendation. Since being under Dr. Hunt’s care I notice that I only have a headache every 3 months or so. The headaches are less intense and don’t last as long, when I have one.

    I am not the only member of my family that has benefited at Hunt Spinal Care. My dad has less back pain and its helping him with his kidney disease. My mom has very little back pain and we all continue care for general health.

  • Alice G.

    Leg Cramps Resolved! Before I came into the office I had severe cramping in my left leg from the outside of the thigh down to the inner knee. It was impossible to find a comfortable way to lay down (I got no sleep) and I walked with a walker. Because of this pain I had to cancel work for several days, couldn’t do much housework or the needed shopping. Something had to change because it was intolerable. Before coming to Dr. Matt I had gone to another chiropractor for at least 2 years and seen a medical doctor who prescribed steroids and an over the counter pain medication. It helped the pain some but did not improve the condition even after 2 weeks. Before starting with Dr. Matt I couldn’t even lay flat on the exam table. After 3 weeks of care, I can lay back flat easily. My condition improved with each visit and I’m getting close to normal again. It has taken time, but it is well worth it.

    When I came to Dr. Matt’s office I was impressed with the diagnostic techniques that Dr. Matt used from the beginning. It works and gives me confidence. The exercise program is also a key to improvement. I am confident that his adjustments are “on target”. All of the staff is very friendly and very encouraging.

    Thank you for what you’ve done for me. It has made my life so, so much better.

  • Anonymous

    Headache Relief With a Gentle Touch! My son and I both see Dr. Matt once a month. I have been in more than one car accident in the past 4 years and had previously gone to other chiropractors. I use to dread getting my neck and back popped and it never seemed to feel better. Then I discovered NUCCA and I love it!

    I had headaches that would get so bad I would want to go to the hospital. I also had pain between my shoulder blades and a pinch in my low back. I even battled with frequent allergies and bladder infections. Dr. Matt corrected my spine and encouraged me to keep it corrected and all of my symptoms got under control. Whenever I start to get a headache or feel a symptom coming on he always makes time for me.

  • Diane McLearan (Tulsa)

    Improved Fatigue and Migraines! I have been receiving spinal care for 13 years and Dr. Matt is the first physician who has enabled me to hold an adjustment. Prior to starting with Dr. Matt, the longest I have held is one week. I am now averaging a month to two. And when I do lose my adjustment, it is never to the degree as before. I suffer from sciatic nerve pain, migraine headaches, severe muscle spasms, joint pain, poor circulation and chronic fatigue, all of which are greatly improved.

    Visits to this office are always a pleasure. Dr. Matt is a sincere, caring and a Godly man for whom I have great respect.

  • A. Johnston (Bartlesville)

    Much Needed Migraine Relief!! I came to Dr. Matt with neck pain, annual trips to the emergency room for migraines, and many headaches each week. I had tried other chiropractors in the past with no long term success. I was very frustrated with no lengthy period of relief and the frequent office visits each week.
    Dr. Matt and I had talked about my health and he explained to me about how NUCCA could help me. I then decided, “What do I have to lose?” Dr. Matt had to adjust me a few times on my first visit to correct my spine. At first, when he was adjusting me, I thought to myself, “That’s all you do ~ are you kidding me?

    I had to come back once a week for a few weeks until I held my alignment. When I did hold my alignment, I noticed very little neck pain. I began holding my alignment for longer periods of time and I now see Dr. Matt much less frequently.

    Dr. Matt makes every attempt to make all people who come in feel welcome and comfortable in the office. Dr. Matt cares so genuinely for his patients that it is obvious that everyone he treats truly matters to him as a person and not just as a file.

    I have persuaded my mom to come to Dr. Matt, and hopefully my dad will come in soon also. I appreciate my new way of life since coming to Hunt Spinal Care.

  • Dr. Kathleen Elliott
    Pediatric Optometrist, His vision for children clinic

    Increased Energy, Neck and Jaw Pain Relief! Being a doctor myself, I understand the diagnosis, treatment and management of the disease process. Dr. Hunt has helped me increase my energy level and decrease the pain in my neck and jaw with nutrition and consistent therapy that he offers at his clinic. I have been very pleased with my overall Health performance. Thank you Dr. Hunt!

  • A. Sheth (Broken Arrow)

    Long Lasting Results Achieved!! I have completely forgotten what it is like to be in constant pain because I have been completely pain and symptom free for over one year. I chose Dr. Matt’s approach to chiropractic care after years of the standard popping and cracking approaches which sometimes left me in greater pain than before. Now I know I can have professional, gentle adjustments without pain and with much longer lasting results.

  • Nyla C. (Tulsa)

    Neck Pain Relief! I am a licensed massage therapist who worked for a chiropractor, and had chiropractic care available to me at no cost. After being involved in a minor car accident, my neck pain was becoming more and more intolerable. I finally pursued NUCCA with Dr. Matt because of the gentle approach.

    Immediately I saw such a difference in my neck and now I am pain free. I am amazed with the results!

    Thanks Dr. Matt!

  • Elizabeth Ann Blue

    Numbness and TMJ Relief! I came to Hunt Spinal Care with numbness in the left arm and left side of my face, leg cramps, and muscle spasms just below shoulder blade so severe they made me cry, and TMJ. As long as I keep my head on straight as Dr. Matt says, I feel great. It is good to feel this good at my age. I have had other types of manipulation but had to go 2 or 3 days a week and the adjustments didn’t last. I can now go for a month or more without adjustment. Now I know when it is time to go see Dr. Matt, as my body lets me know.

    As for my experience for this office, well it isn’t like going to a traditional doctor you are treated like family, and you know that he really cares for you, and how you are feeling.

  • Audra T, AKA Israel’s mommy (Skiatook)

    Helping a BABY!!! I am writing this on behalf of all the babies who had a rough birth. My son was born January 9th, 2002 at 2:30pm after 2 ½ hours of pushing. After an hour of pushing, they decided his head was turned sideways, looking at my hip instead of down. The nurses proceeded to turn his head by grabbing his ear and turning him. At the time, nothing was wrong with him, but in the weeks and months that followed, Israel (my son), began to throw terrible fits and would pull his hair. I also noticed he was spitting up quite a bit.

    We decided to take him to Dr. Matt and see if he could help. After his first exam and adjustment we could definitely tell that he was a different baby. He has held his adjustments very well and has been so happy and peaceful.

    The reason we chose Dr. Matt was because he doesn’t pop and crack on my son. Israel just lays there while he gets adjusted. Also, there are very few appointments. After the first few weeks of holding your adjustment, visits are far and few between. Dr. Matt also makes it a point to help. If for some reason Israel goes out of alignment, he wants us to call immediately! It is nice to know he really cares!

    Dr. Matt’s office is always so clean and nice. He always has refreshments and you are always greeted with a smile!

  • R. Dawson (Tulsa)

    Neck Pain and Sleeping Problems Resolved! For 4-5 years I have had neck pain and have tried everything. I have had an MRI, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, massage and years of anti-inflammatory medication with no lasting effect. On the recommendation of a friend and out of sheer desperation, I tried Dr. Matt. The last month I have been able to come twice a week, I am now holding my adjustment and getting relief of my pain. I am not totally pain free but I am 100% better! I am looking forward to being completely pain free. I no longer have to take my anti-inflammatory medication Bextra and Vioxx. I am also sleeping better without taking sleep aids.

  • Todd C. (Tulsa)

    No More Headaches! I had growing consistent headaches. I knew I needed to do something when the headaches woke me up at night. After just one visit to Dr. Hunt I had no headaches for a week and slept all through the night every night for a week. I am not sure what he did but I know it worked!

  • K. Guel (Glenpool)

    Back Pain Relief After Car Accident!! I came to see Dr. Matt for back pain after being in a car accident. I was afraid after the accident I would have to quit working out until my back healed. I’ve had previous back pain and went through 12 weeks of physical therapy, during which the pain never seemed to go away completely. I thought I would give NUCCA a chance because I don’t feel comfortable with letting someone pop my bones.

    I had also been taking medicine for my ears and sinuses. After my first treatment I felt my ears and sinuses drain, and my daughter, a physical therapist assistant, noticed that the muscles in my back were not as tight as they had been. My back is doing great. I had stiffness in my shoulders after working which is also gone.

    I injured my knee a couple of years ago and went to the doctor and they drained the fluid and gave me a cortisone shot but it still took my knee weeks to heal. Not long ago my knee started bothering me while exercising and Dr. Matt worked on my knee and the swelling went down the same day. I feel great and have been able to continue my working out and losing weight.

    This experience at the office has been great. Dr. Matt really cares and I appreciate that. My son, husband and daughter have become patients because of my great experience.

  • Connie Cornell (Broken Arrow)

    Burning Pain in Back and Leg Relief! I started care with Dr. Hunt because I had a weird sensation of fingers on the back of my neck, pain in the right upper back and burning in the back of my left leg. These symptoms were aggravating my daily activity including work. I was always tired and had no energy.

    I am a nurse and never had energy to do more shifts for extra money. I had been suffering for several years, but it had been getting worse over the past several months.

    I took Ibuprofen and talked to a doctor who acted like it was normal to feel that way for my age.

    Since I have been under care at Hunt Spinal Care I have less pain, more energy, and I have worked 2 extra shifts this month alone. I can turn to back up my car and retrieve objects out of low places easier.

    My daughter is a patient and sees Dr. Matt regularly and is the one who referred me to him.

    Hunt Spinal Care has helped me to see the “light.” I had thought I was supposed to feel bad at 53 and dreaded what I would feel like in ten years.

  • Tiffany & C.J. (Tulsa)

    Lung Function Improved! My 5 year old son was born 6 weeks early. He has always had breathing problems since his lungs were not fully developed when he was delivered. He started seeing Dr. Matt about a year ago and has only been on his breathing machine 3 or 4 times since then. He was so sick his first 3 ½ years of life. Even a slight cold would immediately go to his lungs. I had to spend hundreds of dollars on doctors, hospitals and medicine. Dr. Matt adjusts him once a month and has a tremendously positive impact on my son’s health! My son loves going to Dr. Matt. He is the only doctor my son likes or even asks to go see. Thanks Dr. Matt!

  • Anonymous

    Sciatica Relief!! For almost a year I had progressively worsening sciatica in my lower back and buttocks. It became unbearable as it expanded into the back of my thigh and down to my foot. It became impossible to sit for any period of time. Driving was especially painful.

    My general practitioner took an x-ray which showed no problems. He then suggested getting a CT scan. I went looking for an alternative and found Dr. Hunt. I have never been to a chiropractor before and never thought I had the need to do so. I was very impressed with Dr. Hunt’s thoroughness during my first appointment in assessing the status of my nervous system. He made me aware of many possible contributing factors to my sciatica. In the first week after my initial adjustment I continued to have inconsistent sciatic pain as Dr. Hunt said to expect. A week to the day of the adjustment I felt dramatically better. It was not until I was musing on why this was so that I realized it had been exactly one week. The improvement in the pain was so dramatic that everyone around me was amazed. After hearing that a CT scan had been recommended they were surprised that I could be on the path to healing so quickly.

    Without any change to my daily routine and work situation I am nearly 80% pain free 4 weeks after the initial adjustment. In addition, numbness in my other leg that began 6-7 years ago seems to be improving also.

    It was a lucky chance to find Dr. Hunt, but I wish so much that I had found him sooner.